Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication department is capable of fiberglass repair and new SMC Composite reconstruction, as well as steel and aluminum welding and repairs.

If you’re building a custom race car, or a show car with a custom body panels – We can help! If you are considering the purchase of car ground effects made out of fiberglass or with elaborate designs Olde English is the shop for your. Products made out of fiberglass or with more elaborate designs, such as design style side skirts, require a lot of skills and experience.

Installation is not the only step required in order to have a finished product. Before final installation there is a “dry fitting” procedure involved which requires experience in order to accomplish it properly, then there is the prepping procedure, installation and of course painting. Dry fitting refers to the procedure where the installer makes all the necessary adjustment to the product in order to make it fit perfectly. It involves trimming, grinding and filling gaps in order to have the pieces fit the contour of the car. This is a procedure that is best left to a professional body man who has done this type of work before.

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